Writing Effective Documentation

I wrote a guest post about creating documentation over at PragmaCoders! Here’s an excerpt:

There’s a common scenario I’ve encountered while onboarding with different companies. I sit down with my shiny new laptop, get my editor and iTerm installed, go to the README and start trying to get the code up and running — only to find out their docs are nonexistent, incomplete, or worse, completely wrong.

Documentation is an important part of any codebase, but it feels like it’s always getting left behind. It makes sense why – it takes time to write them and keep them properly maintained, and most coders would prefer to, well, code. This might be fine if you’re programming a project for yourself. But if anyone else is going to be working on the code or trying to use your program, it’s important to write clear, easy-to-understand documentation.

Writing effective documentation takes planning and effort. In this post, I’ll go through some planning steps and what I think makes for good documentation.

You can check out the full post here.